Measure the potential of your organization’s revenue growth with a north star metric. A single metric that captures the value of your company’s product that delivers to customers. While it is a great growth indicator for any business, cash flows act as connective tissue to keep the business afloat, especially in today’s world of Covid. Ultimately, the organization’s success can only be measured by its wide revenue growth. Revenue operations focus on bringing alignment to goals and strategies of consumer-facing marketing, sales, and a strong customer success team. …

Rising up the compensation ladder is an excellent motivator for the growth of any organization. When business leaders laid down the right strategy, it can boost profits, optimize performance, control spending's, and increase period-over-period outcomes.

Having an effective incentive compensation strategy in place leaves a great impact on each and every level of your organization, and hits the goals.

However, many companies in certain circumstances find it hard to implement the best practices, especially during the planning cycle. Here are some common design mistakes that many reputed firms will commit in designing sales incentives plans.

Using Old Metrics

Usually, many sales enterprises design…

While Artificial intelligence is here for the long run, it is not replacing salespeople. Over the past few years, 76% of sales teams using AI have increased representatives. Almost 1 in 4 sales teams use artificial intelligence in their day-to-day work.

While the concepts of AI have existed for decades, the recent acceleration has been quite evident in sales commission automation programs. Nowadays, everyone seems to embrace personal applications such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana.

Talking about AI, numerous applications in sales and marketing organizations have already started to impact the revenue at a larger scale

What is Sales Commission Automation?

Sales automation is a…

Wrecking the top runners of your organization can actually cost you more than benefitting. Only a truly effective incentive compensation plan keeps a balance between the organizational goals and needs of the workforce.

Indeed, the best incentive compensation plan design reflects in its rewards, transparency, simple and smooth processes that remodel sales operations from beginning till the end.

Hallmarks of Incentive Compensation Plan

If you ever run out of ways to encourage your employees to perform their best, here are a few ways to make sure they engage and stay motivated to meet new goals:

Trust and Transparency

It is essential for businesses to lay down the objectives…

Do you use spreadsheets to manage your incentive compensation management? While there are no initial setup costs for spreadsheets.

There are plenty of hidden costs and risks like: errors and overpayments, low sales productivity, shadow accounting, data security risks, and
even penalties for non-compliance with Revenue Recognition ASC 606 or Sarbanes Oxley.

Choosing a sales compensation plan is a significant decision for any enterprise. It acts as a catalyst to infuse a sense of motivation among sales reps and increase their performance.

The compensation strategy is necessary to make the automation process smooth, or else challenges may arise. We start by evaluating around 100 organizations along with sales representatives and determine 6 cost categories caused by sales compensation problems.

Administrative Expenses

The operation managers, sales leaders, HR managers play a distinctive role in managing sales compensation plans, however, their time spent is restricted and valuable.

Now, when companies diversify their sales reps, they usually face a bunch of compensation challenges. Due to this, management of sales compensation becomes a costly affair on the staff working at present.

Cost of IT Resources

Sales compensation issues pertaining to systems can…

What is a Sales Compensation Plan?

A good sales compensation plan needs to set the expectations for reps with clear goals so they know what is expected of them. There are three essential elements of a sales compensation plan:

  • Base Pay: The paycheck that reps get which is unaffected by their performance.
  • Incentives: The extra amount that reps get based on meeting certain sales targets.
  • Kicker: Any additional perks that they get based upon closing deals and competitions.

Praveen Ramireddy

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